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Summmit - Platform for project managers

Summmit is an online platform that allows project managers to manage their project cards and collaborate with their colleagues and clients. This platform was developed for Triple Plus and has been in use for about 3 years. Unfortunately, the project has ended and there can be no online display.

Technological aspects

Summmit uses ReactJS, making the platform fast and efficient. In addition, it is unique because information changes are displayed in real-time, eliminating the need to refresh the page. Project managers have full control over the access rights of colleagues and visitors. The dashboard can be completely customized in terms of content and items can be easily dragged and dropped on the dashboard. Finally, the platform has extensive search functionality.

Project details

Triple Plus needed an online solution for project managers to manage project cards. After researching existing solutions, it was concluded that they were too complicated with too many features, which worsened the user experience for a new project manager. Therefore, an easier platform was needed that was not too complex. Subsequently, collaboration with a design agency was initiated to map out a design of the online application. After the design was worked out, I was brought in to build the actual application.


The collaboration with Triple Plus and the design agency was very successful. I enjoyed working on this project very much. Summmit has helped me greatly improve my ReactJS skills and communication skills.

11 / 3