Stad Coevorden - WordPress website

Stad Coevorden has been active for several years and provides a platform for residents and tourists to discover all that Coevorden has to offer. As part of the repositioning of the Stad Coevorden brand, the website recently underwent a complete makeover. I ensured that the new website was in line with the new corporate identity and also optimized accessibility. This was done using an existing theme that was fully customized to the client's needs and requirements.

As a freelance developer, I have also taken on the responsibility to ensure that Stad Coevorden always has someone on hand to quickly make changes or add new features. My work for Stad Coevorden includes server maintenance and updates, minor changes such as adding new files or adjusting the design, and developing new features such as the interactive parking map.

As a resident of Coevorden, I am proud to contribute to this beautiful city and am happy that Stad Coevorden has chosen me as a client.

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