Schaatsteam Creative Monkey - WordPress website

This speed skating team, founded by Koos Dijkstra, has the motto "Together we bring out the best in ourselves!". Dijkstra is both a skater and a trainer/coach. During the training sessions, Paul de Haan joins the skaters to be able to coach optimally. The team wants to help the skaters achieve their personal goals, but the team's interest always comes first. The team focuses mainly on the "big" competitions for various age categories, and the athlete's enjoyment of the sport is paramount.

The website I have delivered for them was developed using a WordPress theme. This theme allows them to publish blogs and news, increasing their online visibility and attracting new sponsors for the team. In addition, I have taken care of the hosting and maintenance of the website for them, so they don't have to worry about technical aspects and can focus on their core activities. If there is a need for new features, I am happy to help them add them to the website. I also offer them customized advice on how they can further develop and optimize their online presence to achieve their goals.

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