Krachthuus - Technology for the elderly

As part of the project for Krachthuus, I developed a platform that provides insight into home automation products for the elderly. The platform was built using Meteor.js and React.js for the frontend, and MongoDB for the backend. It features a login system for individuals and website administrators, a catalog of home technology products, and an interactive question tree that guides older adults through a questionnaire to find the right technologies. All of this was managed in a custom-built CMS.

Krachthuus is a website that offers solutions in the field of home technology. It provides answers to questions about solutions for comfort, safety, and sustainability in the home, and provides information about costs, suppliers, and service providers. Home technology can be used to automate tasks in the home, enabling people to live safely at home for longer and helping caregivers in their care tasks.

The website also includes a rating system for devices. This is important because it allows users to evaluate devices and provide feedback on their usability and effectiveness. This enables developers to improve the devices and optimize the user experience.

The Krachthuus project was challenging, but it was also rewarding to design solutions that make the lives of older adults and caregivers easier and improve their daily lives. I am proud of my contribution to this project and grateful for the opportunity to share my expertise with others.

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