Blauwe Bes Drenthe - Webshop

For De Blauwe Bes Drenthe, I created a webshop so that they could attract more attention and sell their products online. The cooperative of three families manages and processes more than 52 hectares of blueberry plants.

The challenge of this project was to turn a physical store into an online store. The goal was to expand the customer base and introduce more people to the products of De Blauwe Bes Drenthe. It was important to create a user-friendly website where customers could easily order products and where website management would not be too complex.

To achieve this, I used a WordPress theme and worked with a copywriter to optimize the texts. I also used WooCommerce and Elementor to make the webshop functional and clear. This makes it easy for the clients to manage and update the website.

In addition, I am responsible for hosting and maintaining the website. If new functionalities need to be added, I will help with this. This way, De Blauwe Bes Drenthe can concentrate on developing new products and concepts to allow even more people to enjoy all that blueberries have to offer.

The store is run by Miriam and Monique, who work enthusiastically to develop new products and creative concepts to let everyone enjoy all that blueberries have to offer.

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